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  • Off-Campus Housing Guidebook

    The best place to start your off-campus housing search is to read through the Off-Campus Housing Guidebook. You can review the online version or pick up a printed version around campus or in our office. This Guidebook offers information about:

    How to Search for a Place.
    What’s your budget? What kind of place are you looking for? Do you care about the location? What amenities are necessities?

    A lease is a LEGAL DOCUMENT. Did you know that there are different types of leases? You can take a copy of your lease to Student Legal Services and have it reviewed, for free, before you sign it. Call (520) 621-ASUA (621-2782) to make an appointment.

    Security Deposit. 
    The total amount of such charges cannot be more than one and one-half times your monthly rental amount (1.5 x monthly rent = maximum landlord can ask for up front).

    Tips on how to get along.

    Red Tagging. 
    Did you know that what you do off campus can affect you on campus?

  • Off-Campus Housing Phoenix Resource Guide

    Are you a UA Phoenix campus student and looking for resources?  Check out our new online version!