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Find information about living Off-Campus and browse through our collection of resources.


  • Off-Campus Housing Guidebook

    The best place to start your off-campus housing search is to read through the Off-Campus Housing Guidebook. You can review the online version or pick up a printed version around campus or in our office. This Guidebook offers information about:

    How to Search for a Place.
    What’s your budget? What kind of place are you looking for? Do you care about the location? What amenities are necessities?

    A lease is a LEGAL DOCUMENT. Did you know that there are different types of leases? You can take a copy of your lease to Student Legal Services and have it reviewed, for free, before you sign it. Call (520) 621-ASUA (621-2782) to make an appointment.

    Security Deposit. 
    The total amount of such charges cannot be more than one and one-half times your monthly rental amount (1.5 x monthly rent = maximum landlord can ask for up front).

    Tips on how to get along.

    Red Tagging. 
    Did you know that what you do off campus can affect you on campus?

  • Off-Campus Housing Phoenix Resource Guide

    Are you a UA Phoenix campus student and looking for resources?  Check out our new online version! 

Additional Resources

  • Housing Terms and Abbreviations

    Looking for off-campus housing? Please review our housing terms and abbreviations to make searching for an apartment less frustrating.

  • Renter's Insurance

    Do you need help with renter's insurance?  Consumers Advocate can help you make the right choice.

  • Checklist

    For step-by-step information, check out this checklist so you're prepared with housing when you arrive at the UA.

  • Lease Information

    Check out our lease information for help in understanding everything you need to know about leases.

  • OCH Roommate Guidance


  • Utility Companies

    Before you move in, make sure you turn on or transfer utility services that are your responsibility. If you are unsure of what your responsibility is or who the utility provider is in your neighborhood, ask the landlord.